Thursday, May 24, 2012

Handmade Postcards Needed

Do you enjoy making postcards? If so, please put your talents to work to help the Stray Cat Alliance. The May/June Pet Postcard Project Challenge benefits The Stray Cat Alliance - if they receive enough postcards, various companies and organizations will donate meals, flea and tick products, and other needed supplies.

All postcards need to follow the requirements of the Pet Postcard Project: they need to feature your own cat or dog or an animal known to you and must be captioned to represent wishes, advice, or confessions to or from the pet.

Completed cards should be sent to:
The Pet Postcard Project
676A Ninth Ave., #321
New York, NY 10036
They still need postcards to make this campaign successful, so please get to work! You can send multiple cards as long as each design is unique. 

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