Sunday, April 8, 2012

Warm by Day but Need a Top Coat by Night

Rainbow Pier

Postmarked 8 April 1937
Long Beach, California

Warm here by day but need a top coat at night. We are 4 blocks from ocean Pacific U.S. fleet (?) in harbor - 16 grant ships! Wish you were here today.
The Interweb indicates the auditorium was built on the beach in 1932. As it was surrounded on three sides by water, the horseshoe (i.e. "rainbow") pier was built to protect it from storms and erosion The pier, a breakwater really, was decorated with multicolored lights and had a roadway on top. The Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center was constructed on the site of the demolished auditorium. A fun then-and-now shot of the Pier is on Jeff Gritchen's blog.

Sad to think that many of those ships were likely destroyed in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Perhaps the ships were at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard.

1 comment: said...

Really neat setup with the railway pier. I bet it was a sight to see at night.

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