Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Convention of the Wisconsin Home Economics Association

Postmarked 2X April 1952
Green Lake, Wisconsin

Postcard Caption:
THE AMERICAN BAPTIST ASSEMBLY / GREEN LAKE, WIS. / A 1000 acre estate of unsurpassed loveliness with a 2-1/2 mile frontage on beautiful Green Lake. It includes a modern 81 room Inn and forty other buildings. It is now an Assembly Conference grounds acquired by American Baptists for purposes of Leadership Training, Spiritual Inspiration, and Christian Fellowship.
Postcard Message:
Saturday Noon - / Dear Dad, / I am attending a convention of the Wisconsin Home Economics Asso. here. This is 325 miles from M---. I am driving back this P.M. (3 faculty members are with me) Beautiful weather. we have been staying in this hotel. / Love, Alice
The American Baptist Assembly is now called the Green Lake Conference Center.

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