Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Do You Want Me To Bring You Home a Cactus or Two?

Big Bend NP

Postmarked 24 January 1949
Del Rio, Texas

Hi Sis Just a few lines don't send me any mail until I send you another card as to where to write. do you want me to bring you home a cactus or two hope you are all O.K. will bring you your birthday present when I come back in place of send it. so long for now / love Nora
Postcard caption:
The Big Bend National Park is a land of contrasts. Although it consists primarily of semiarid plains characterized by gravel covered slopes, arroyos, and washes, this general landscape is interrupted by conspicuous mountain belts and by the winding Rio Grande which has carved spectacular canyons through some of the rugged highlands. Romantic interest is added by the close proximity to the people of Old Mexico and by the colorful legends and stories of the country.
Big Bend Website (National Park Service)

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viridian said...

Postcards! What a window into someone's life.
May I remind you of Sunday stamps, at http://viridianpostcard.blogspot.com? I'd like to see you there. the theme is stamps for the Chinese New year.

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