Saturday, October 8, 2011

They Live in a Little Doll House

New Post Office, Chicago

Postmarked 8 October 1946
Chicago, Illinois

THE NEW CHICAGO POST OFFICE / Dedicated February 15, 1933 / Cost approximately $22,000,000 / The structure spans the railroad tracks leading into the Union Railway Station and extends from Harrison Street, North to Van Buren Street and from Canal Street to the river. It is the largest and most modernly equipped Post Office in the world. The flat roof, 790x200 feet is designed for the use as an aeroplane landing field.
Spending the week in Chicago just beautiful weather very warm. We came after Mary but she is in the hostpial. They live in a little doll house. Ha. Laura
This is no longer the new post office. Indeed, it is no longer owned by the postal service at all but was purchased at auction by a private developer.

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