Thursday, October 20, 2011

Don't Let Any of the Girls Get Ahead of You

Cathedral of Learning (vertical)

Postmarked 20 October 1947
---, Pennsylvania

FRONT: Cathedral of Learning and Foster Memorial / University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA.
BACK: The Cathedral of Learning, the pride of the billion dollar Oakland Civic Center, reaches a height of 42 stories and is the only skyscraper university in the world.
Hello Keith - / How is your arithmetic coming? Don't let any of the girls get ahead of you. If mother asks you to help you'll do it while I am away, won't you? / Love from Daddy
Here's an earlier post with a different postcard featuring the University of Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning.


Postcard Ranch said...

That's a funny message. Heaven forbid that our boy should be shown-up by girls!

PostMuse said...

The Cathedral of Learning postcards still sold in the gift shop there are only slightly newer than this one ;-)

It is a lovely building and they have Peregrine Falcon families living near the top in the spring. Always fun to watch via Kate St John's birdblog

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