Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Stamps: Morocco


Stamps - Morocco

When I was in my Master's program in the early 2000s, I dated a guy from Morocco. He knew how much I loved postcards, so he asked a friend of his, still in Morocco, to send me some postcards. I think the postmark for these would be April or May 2003.

I can't find a lot about Saidia, but it seems to be a resort town on the sea.

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Thanks to Viridian's Postcard Blog for hosting Sunday Stamps!


Postcardy said...

Nice card. I like all kinds of large letter postcards.

viridian said...

Looks to be a pretty beach resort! thanks for joining us today.

Bob Scotney said...

These are the first stamps I've seen from Morocco.

Joy said...

I'm with Postcard in a love of large letter postcards. Its a nice informal photo of the king on the stamps.

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