Thursday, September 22, 2011

If Only Some One Was with Me

Old Scotchman - Garden of the Gods

Postmarked 22 September 1954
Denver, Colorado
Published by E. C. Kropp Co.

Front: Old Scotchman, Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak Region Near Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs
Back: The Old Scotchman, also sometimes called Harry Lauder, lies to the left of the main road shortly after leaving the main group of rocks and traveling west. It is pointed out for its close resemblance to a dower old Scotchman in his Scotch cap.
Hello Betty. Just a line to tell you I'll be back. Now that I'm here feel so lost, if only some one was with me. Terrible to be such a Boob. Going to talk with Minnie, see what she wants to do. As ever, Gladys

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Christine H. said...

I think I know the feeling.

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