Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm Depressed School Begins in Just Three Short Weeks

Postmarked August 17, 1949
Wright Field, Ohio

Postcard Caption:
Residential Section, Patterson Field, Dayton, Ohio - 84-D-9
Dear Mibs: / I'm depressed shc school begins in just 3 short weeks. Write and cheer me up / Love ? ! / Sally
The Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, one of the five largest employers in the state, is near Dayton, Ohio. These are nice houses on the card; I wonder if they are still there. It's possible these houses have been renovated; the base website describes housing as follows:
With 789 newly constructed units completed at Wright- Patterson, this will bring the number of base housing units to 2,012.A majority of the 1,186 units are located in the The Prairies at Wright Field, adjacent southeast of Area B. Of these, 382 units will be assigned to officers and 804 units to enlisted personnel. The Woods at Wright Field, east of Area B, will provide 350 newly renovated, privatized units of both single and duplex quarters, of which 192 are assigned to officers and 158 to enlisted personnel, retirees (military and civilian), DoD civilians, contractors and the general public. Also in Area A are 102 brick quarters for senior and general officers. Of these, there are 37 three-bedroom single cottages, 10 four-bedroom single quarters located on Yount Drive and 34 duplex quarters for senior officers. Nine single-family dwellings and 12 duplex quarters for general officers are also in this area.
I don't think this is the most interesting postcard, but the sentiment - being depressed about a new school year starting - rings true!

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