Thursday, August 4, 2011

I May Get to See Your City Some Day

State House - Beacon Hill

Postmarked 4 August 1944
Boston, Massachusetts

Postcard Caption:
STATE HOUSE Located on Beacon Street at the head of Park Street. The hill on which the State House stands was originally called Treamount, later this was changed to Sentry Hill when it was used as a look-out, and after the erection of the Beacon in 1634-1635, it received the name Beacon Hill. The cornerstone of the "Bulfinch" front was laid on July 4, 1795 and the extension was built in 1889 at the cost of four million dollars.
---Billy: I may go to Laredo, Texas this fall. That's only the width of Texas from "Clovis" N.Mex. I may get to see your city some day! -- it's about the same size as Boston? Just teasing - Best love, --
The State House today:

Massachusetts State House

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