Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Civic Auditorium | Ardmore, Oklahoma

Ardmore Civic Auditorium (Heritage Hall)

Published by J.R. Pennington (~1960)

According to the Visit Ardmore website:
Heritage Hall, formerly known as Ardmore Civic Auditorium, is an Art Deco structure located in the heart of downtown Ardmore. This landmark underwent renovation several years ago, and has now become a favorite venue for concerts and downtown gatherings.
Here's a picture of the building today:

Heritage Hall

I really only have two memories of events at this building. In one, I was with either my friends (likely) or family (less so) attending a pancake breakfast. I was also there my senior year in high school to attend the graduation ceremony for Plainview High School. I went to Ardmore High, but I had friends graduating from PHS.


Postcard Roundup said...

I don't come across Oklahoma postcards that often. This one is swell! said...

I think there's an evil lair under that building. The architecture is too cool.

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