Sunday, June 19, 2011

Such a Noise at Recess!

Museum of Science and Industry 6-19-51

Postmarked 19 June 1951
Chicago, Illinois

Postcard Caption:
MUSEUM OF SCIENCE AND INDUSTRY Jackson Park, located on the South Side, extending 1-1/9 miles along Lake Michigan from 56th to 67th streets. It is the site of the World's Columbia Exposition, 1893, and contains a number of landmarks, among them the museum.
June 19-1951-Tues / You'd love this wonderful place. I'm anxious to see it. I wrote Pope I'd be in Des Moines Friday P.M., 22nd on the Rock Island R.R. (6 hours). It's warm now-now rain 'till this A.M. I'm taking it easy and studying. Chi schools not out- a big one across the st-such a noise at recess! I'm still enjoying my sweet family-Love to all Mamo--
Even though I lived in Hyde Park for four years, I only visited the Museum of Science and Industry once. The only picture I can find in my personal collection is when I took pictures of Flat Stan around Chicago landmarks for my mother's elementary school class in Oklahoma. I like the pond better than the parking lot!

Flat Stan Visits the Museum of Science and Industry
Museum of Science and Industry Website

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Christine H. said...

Flat Stan make so much more sense than the Barbie I used to haul around for pictures.

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