Monday, June 27, 2011

Mount Rushmore, As It Looked

Mount Rushmore (Linen - Uncirculated)

Published by Curteich (1948)

Postcard Caption:
FRONT: MT. RUSHMORE NATIONAL MEMORIAL World's greatest sculptural work began in 1927. Gutzon Borglum, World's Artist and Sculptor, planned and supervised the monument. Financed by contributions and federal funds. Busts are proportionate to men 465 ft. high. Top of Washington's head to tip of chin 60 ft. high. Rock is ageless granite. Busts are of Washington, Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Lincoln.
BACK: This view shows Mt. Rushmore, before was was started in 1927 and the gigantic monument as it looks to-day. The Memorial carved out of Granite Rock by the famous sculptor Gutzon Borglum is 6200 ft. above sea level and the Busts are proportionate to men 465 ft. high.
Here I am at Mount Rushmore in the summer of 1983:

Aimee at Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore Website

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