Monday, June 6, 2011

Like a Junior Miss Farce

Yacht Basin

Postmarked 6 June 1953
Daytona Beach, Florida

Dear Lou: Thanks for nice long letter and congratulations on your wonderful and outstanding children! You have all reason to be proud. We meant to leave before this, had to haul boat first and boatyard could not take care of us until now. Will be leaving this week-end we hope. Am worried abt. driving through hot Texas and desert-been sewing like mad, and then painted the outside of boat.-It's sweet of you Lou to plan the Orlon skirt for me, dont rush, do it at your leisure and I'll have something to look forward to. Will send you Calif. address when we get there. -Kinny went to her first dance-school dance-whole thing was like a Junior Miss farce-girl friend coaching her ahead of time, etc. she loved it and got quite a few dances. Just got over nasty ear infection she got from getting ears wet while swimming. -Hope you all have a wonderful summer, a beautiful garden, and lots of fun. / -Muriel
You don't see too many typed postcards! See current conditions at Daytona Beach with the beachcam!

3 comments: said...

You've got a keeper there! I guess the writer wanted to make sure she got her moneys worth of real estate on the back of that postcard. In her defense, she did have a lot to say!

Christine H. said...

That's the wonderful thing about typed cards. Not only can you read the message easily, but the writer can fit so much more on a card.

Mark S. said...

Christine is right....there's lots of correspondence there! Postcards that include substantial personal accounts like that are just great.

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