Thursday, May 19, 2011

Waterworks Park | Detroit, Michigan

Detroit - Waterworks Park

Postmarked 19 May 1908
Detroit, Michigan

Reminds me so much of Juo K's palace (?) / C.
Detroit architect Joseph E. Sparks won a competition to design the city's watertower. Fully functional by 1879, the tower also doubled as an observation deck and the surrounding 110-acre park drew many tourists. By 1895, new technology made the tower obsolete, but it remained vibrant as an attraction through the 1920s, though it was shut during World Wars I and II due to security concerns. In 1945, the structure was ruled unsafe and closed to the public and was demolished in 1962. Although some areas of the park were remained open, today the entire park is closed to visitors.

Waterworks Park Tower History

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Christine H. said...

Darn, I was ready to put it on my places to visit. I'm so sorry it was demolished.

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