Saturday, May 7, 2011

Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain

Postmarked 7 May 1925
Riverside, California

Publisher: Imperial Post Card Co.

Postcard Caption:
STONE MOUNTAIN, 16 MILES FROM ATLANTA, GA. The steep side of Stone Mountain has been dedicated to the Confederacy by the U.D.C., and thereon will be carved in relief a stupendous monument of Lee and Jackson at the head of the Confederate Hosts. Each figure will be approximately 30 feet in height; the horses, cannon, etc., as true to life as it is possible to be made. Stone Mountain will stand through the ages as an everlasting monument to the Boys of the Confederacy. (Atlanta Convention Bureau)
I had no idea Stone Mountain was so tied to the Confederacy and KKK history. I thought of it as a highly commercialized park with a nightly laser show. Once I looked up the history of Stone Mountain for this blog entry, I had second thoughts about posting the card at all. According to the Interweb, Stone Mountain was the site of the 1915 KKK revival and host to rallies from 1931 to 1981. But I suppose that it's not the location's fault that people are so horrible to each other. The "mountain" itself is one of the world's largest exposed pieces of granite. Artifacts from as early as 10,000 have linked settlement to the area. In the 16th Century, it was a neutral meeting site for warring Creek-Cherokee tribes. In the 18th Century, representatives of the American government met with Creek micos.

The history of the postcard itself is not as obvious. There is no message or signature. It's a rare vintage postcard that is sent via air mail. Why on earth was this one so important? I can't find reliable information on the recipient, Joel H. DuBose, though it seems he wrote unpublished manuscripts on Confederate military history.

Stone Mountain, in 1999 on July 4:

Stone Mountain 7.4.99


Mark S. said...

I have a number of Stone Mountain postcards, including views prior to carving, during carving, and even one that shows proposed work that was never done, but yours is my favorite! (I can't resist views that include an old car) said...

I have to mention that the top postcard also has the mountain looking like a tidal wave. Quite entertaining. It is too bad some bad is associated with the great natural feature. It'll be here long after we are way gone. I really like the look of everything going on on the back of the postcard.

Anonymous said...

It seems that Joel H. Dubose was a postage stamp dealer.

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