Sunday, May 15, 2011

One Hundred Years Ago: She Has Not Done Any Thing with My Hat Yet

Keuka College

Postmarked 15 May 1911
Penn Yan, New York

Dear Mother. Dora thinks the float (hat?) will look Better trimmed in Black and White Checked ribbon. I thought you had a Piece if you have send it up if you have not I will get some for you so you need not bother with it. She has not done any thing to my hat yet. S is coming over tonight he will tell father about the Pigs and -- I will bring your float (hat?) when I come. They want $3.00 a Piece for Pigs but it is too much.

1 comment:

Mark S. said...

"$3.00 a piece for pigs"? I'd pay that price all day long! (hmm...bacon...)

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