Thursday, May 26, 2011

Don't You Think I Live in a Pretty House?

Hermitage House (linen)

Postmarked 26 May 1950
Nashville, Tennessee

Postcard caption:
The Hermitage, the Home of President Andrew Jackson, situated twelve miles from Nashville, has been called the Mt. Vernon of the South. Through the Ladies Hermitage Association, the handsome old estate has been preserved and appears just as it did in the days of "Old Hickory." The architecture is colonial, the verandas are wide and long, and the rooms are long and spacious. The original Hermitage was built in 1804 of logs and part of it is still standing. In 1805 Aaron Burr was entertained in this log house. It was to this log house also that General Jackson returned, the conquering hero and idol of the nation, after the Battle of New Orleans. The present mansion was built in 1819. General Lafayette was entertained at the Hermitage in 1825, and President Roosevelt visited there in 1907. In the yard are the graves of Andrew Jackson and his wife and other members of the family.
Hello Milbrey - Don't you think I live in a pretty house. Wish it wasn't such a long carriage ride to Washington D.C. I hear the British are landing at New Orleans so - bye - I gotta go quick. A. Jackson.
I believe these delightful postcards were sent to Miss Milbrey Turner by an aunt. I admit I am a little envious: I wish I had someone who wrote me such cards when I was young!

As for Andrew Jackson, I am not impressed by his presidency. His attitude and policies toward Native Americans created disruption and death among Indian tribes. When I hear him spoken of, I actually have a uncontrolled physical shiver of repulsion.

The Hermitage Website


Christine H. said...

What a great message. How odd to have people buried in the yard though.

Mark S. said...

Nice card with a funny message. I just love messages that are out of the norm.

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