Saturday, March 26, 2011

One Hundred Years Ago: This Is Certainly a Beautiful Day

Pulpit Rock - Nahant MA

Postmarked 26 March 2011
Lynn, Massachusetts

Hello, Darling just came home from mass this is certainly a beautiful day this is where I was at yesterday. my friends and I are going to Salem Mass and take some pictures. I'll write tomorrow. Yours Frank


Mark S. said...

The message brings up a phenomenon I see all the time on postcards of that vintage, the casual use of punctuation. (although I've seen much more extreme examples in other cards) So many messages are just one run-on sentence, with little in the way of capitalization or the use of periods, commas, etc. I suppose it was a by-product of postcards being hurriedly composed?

Christine H. said...

I don't know what you're talking about Mark I can't say I've ever noticed that on postcards I'm going to have to keep a closer eye on them. said...

You're too funny Christine. My main concern is that surely there was a better topic for a postcard. Very dull, but at least there was a good message to go along with it.

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