Sunday, March 13, 2011

Donkey Carts and Dirty Streets

Customs Stop

Postmarked 13 March 1946
Brownsville, Texas

Wed - Mar. 13 / We went over this bridge into Mexico today, but was glad to get back here. All we saw was little donkey carts and dirty streets, and not a sign we could read. Its been very warm here this afternoon and early evening. Saw "The Bells of St. Mary's" last night. / Alice
While I find the message ethnocentric, though not surprising, I love the view! It looks so quaint. As you can imagine, the scene is much different today.

Here's the Gateway bridge on google maps. If you click "view larger" you should be able to drag the running man to the "A" pin and look at some contemporary photos of the area. I'm also amazed at the wavy shape of the border between Mexico and Texas.

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Mark S. said...

Wow, very different-looking today! Times have certainly changed.

Christine H. said...

I guess she was expecting a personal greeting from the mariachi band upon crossing the border? said...

What a great line in a postcard, "donkey carts and dirty streets." That's hilarious! It's a great little postcard to boot!

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