Monday, February 28, 2011

Such Rough Roads

Roswell- NM Miltary Inst

Postmarked 21 February 1951
Roswell, New Mexico

Postcard Caption:
AIR VIEW, NEW MEXICO MILITARY INSTITUTE, ROSWELL, N.M. Known as the "West Point of the West," the N.M.M.I. is a state school with military training under War Dept. Direction, having a capacity of 560 boys. The yellow, red roofed buildings are grouped on the 75 acre tract of the post proper. Beyond, 1600 acres are used for parade and drill grounds, polo fields, and cavalry maneuvers.
Feb. 20 / Dear Ma and Grammy- / Dennis is on another field job, out of Roswell this time, so Steven and I came along - we went to the filed with Dennis today and my such rough roads. I'll write you a long letter when we get home - Love, / The Kiddies
Today, the NMMI is a co-ed institution offering a four-year high school and a two-year junior college.


Mark S. said...

"The Kiddies" that's funny!

Christine H. said...

I think we need to send my nephew there ;) said...

Are there any courses on the paranormal at the NMMI today? (Sorry -- couldn't help myself).

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