Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An Ideal House Dog

Pug - Cigarette Card

De Reszke Cigarette Card

Postcard Caption
The Pug Of Chinese origin, the Pug is probably related to the Pekingese. It is small and intelligent, and make an ideal house dog, having a short coat. There are two colours--fawn and all black; the fawns have a black muzzle and a black thumb mark on the head.
This is No. 4 of a series of 30 cards appearing in the larger packets of DE RESZKE Cigarettes and other Godfrey Phillips Associated Brand.


Christine H. said...

Last year, I picked up my neighbor's pug puppy, who had escaped and was heading for a busy street. I was amazed at what a cuddly little fur ball he was. Made me want one.

Mark S. said...

Very cool. Now I have another kind of card to look for!

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