Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Do Not Feel a Bit Tired

UC - Cobb Hall 1907

Postmarked 14 June 1907
Chicago, IL

FRONT: Most of my work will be done in this building. We have taken a six-room flat at 5612 Jackson Ave.
BACK: I will have a room and Miss Price another. It is a beautiful place and so very convenient for housekeeping for Mrs. Isley. We can't get in until Monday so we are staying at a little hotel nearby. It is cool to-day and I do not feel a bit tired after my hard day. Lovingly, Anna
As you may remember from my August 26, 2010 post, when I went to college at the University of Chicago, the majority of my classes were held in Cobb Hall. I'm very curious what kind of work was being done there in 1907!

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