Monday, February 7, 2011

Barring Atomic Bombs and Other Man-Made or Natural Cataclysms

Cornell Arms Apartment

Published by Asheville Post Card Co.

When the Cornell Arms Apartment building was completed in November 1949, it was South Carolina's tallest building. According to the apartment's website, at the opening ceremony,
"special guests included FHA Commissioner, 'Franklin D. Richards, Assistant Commissioners, Herber C. Redont, Curt C. Mack, Clyde L. Powell, was well as top state officials and dignitaries. Judge H.E. Bailey, the Federal Housing Administration Director, had been with the FHA for 15 years at the time otthe Cornell Arms' opening and he stated, 'The Arms is the finest apartment building this side of Washington. It will fill the need for luxury-type living in a manner which has never been equalled in the South before.' The Judge also added, 'It is estimated by scientists that barring atomic bombs and other man-made or natural cataclysms, the Cornell Arms will stand for seven thousand (7,000) years.'"
The Cornell Arms Apartment today:

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Cornell Arms Apartment website



Hello from Portugal. I like your blog about postcards. Visit mine and send me postcards. Paulo

Mark S. said...

"barring atomic bombs..." - that's just funny! So far so good. said...

Even though the building is on the plain side as far as the design, there's something appealing about it. Nice perspective too.

Anonymous said...

I live here! Haha it's kinda neat knowing that my apartment was on a postcard. There's actually still a sign on the back of the building that says fallout shelter.

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