Monday, January 31, 2011

Kinda Cool at Night

Flamingos - Hialeah Race Course

Published 31 January 19??

Hi: --- How are you all? Going to see Bill (Booze) Schuler from Muske at Key Wet, on Hialeah tomorrow. / Kinda cool at night Elks dance at Coral Gables to-night Sat. ---
Joseph Widener purchased the track in 1930, after it had been open just five years. He imported 20 flamingos from Cuba in 1934; 100 more arrived in 1947.


Christine H. said...

Yeah, kinda cool at night - probably down to 50 or something like that. I see on your weather forecaster that it's 5 degrees where you are. BRrrr.

Mark S. said...

That is hands-down the coolest postcard I've ever seen. We so need to do some postcard trading! said...

Isn't it funny how many times flamingos end up on postcards? Can you imagine if they were gray colored or something really bland. It's a good thing they are pink to secure all that popularity.

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