Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'll Bet You Seen Some Beautiful Scenes

Forest Park - St Louis

Postmarked 4 January 1944

Thank you I liked your card very much. So let's exchange again soon. I'll be you seen some beautiful scenes on your trip to Pensacola. Next time I'll try to have a card from my hometown to exchange with you. / Bessie Barnstable / Edwarsdville, Illinois / R. R. #4
Forest Park opened in 1876, and now houses many St. Louis attractions garnering over 12 million visitors a year.

"I present to you, the people of St. Louis, your own, this large and beautiful Forest Park for enjoyment of yourselves, your children and your children's children forever ... The rich and poor, the merchant and mechanic, the professional man and day laborer, each with his family and lunch basket, can come here and enjoy his own ... all without stint or hindrance."

Chauncy F. Shultz
June 24, 1876
Opening Ceremony for Forest Park

Forest Park Website


heather said...

This is homekeepingheather from swap-bot for the blog comments swap. I really like vintage postcards. You have some really nice ones featured on your blog. I also like the extra links and things.

melydia said...

I love this blog, and have subscribed. I'm fascinated by old correspondence. Do you find these postcards at thrift shops or something or are they just part of your personal collection? I especially enjoy the history that comes with each card. Thanks! :D

--melydia from swap-bot

Christine H. said...

Bessie Barnstable - now there's a name. I love it. Very melodic. I can just imagine her mother saying, "Bessie Barnstable, you get down here right this minute!"

Aimee Dars said...

MeLydia - Most of these postcards have come from ebay and antique stores. I've become obsessed over the past few months!

Lauren said...

Oh, wow, I love this blog.

I don't know if you noticed on mine, but I do "postcard Thursday", where I post old postcards from my collection (which were originally my mom's and grandma's cards). I am definitely following!!

-allthisbeauty on SB

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