Friday, January 21, 2011

Desert Sweethearts

Today is National Hug Day! Enjoy the cute burros on the postcard; ignore the message on the back!

Desert Sweethearts

Postmarked 18 September 1949
Barstow, California

Postcard Caption:
THE BURRO is unconsciously a comedian -- wise and adverse to labor. These hardy shaggy little animals were introduced into the Southwest by the Spaniards, and proved indispensable in the mines and on the desert. They have multiplied to great droves in some sections, and do a great deal of damage.
Dear Putz -- You know something, these burros sure look dumb, they stand so still they almost look like they were made of wood or stone. I had to make a jackass move yesterday in Mexico to prove to grandma that it was not an image. / Grandpop

Thanks to Beth at The Best Hearts are Crunchy for hosting Postcard Friendship Friday. 


Tete said...

So funny. Got to love Grandpops. These animals are the most stubborn in the world, but can haul so much. Great PC! Happy PFF!
Hugs- Tete

Snap said...

too funny! love this card for national hug day ... sure fits! happy PFF!

Postcardy said...

I have that same card. They look so cute on the card.

Joy said...

That is a great concept for a day. If I can't find a wise burro to hug I will have to try a human.

Christine H. said...

What a great card for National Hug Day. I have one of those cards too...must have been a big seller.

MrCachet said...

LOL. Fly swatting duties.

Terry said...

Howdy Aimee
Happy PFF to you today .
Thank you for such a fun card !
Sending hugs to you and Walter too :)
Have a fantastic weekend .
Until next time
Happy Trails

viridian said...

Lovely linen card hurrah!
and a funny message. Happy PFF>
I hope you can join me for my new meme Sunday Stamps opens again late Saturday night.
You are welcome to join us. said...

So the moral to the story is that a Jackass IS capable of love? Great post. Very funny.

Aimee said...

Funny message! My son told me it was National Hug day today. He even gave me a hug. He's 12 so he doesn't usually give spontaneous hugs! :)

Coffeedoff said...

What a lovely idea, National hug day! I love the card too!

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