Friday, December 10, 2010

A View of Our Largest Industry

Kodak - Rochester NY

Postmarked 29 November 1944
Rochester, New York

11-29-44 / Dear Mary:-- / Thanks a lot for the nice view of the Citadel. / Here's a view of our largest industry where most of the film of the movie industry is manufactured./ Write again soon./ Earl F. Nicht
The Internet makes facilitating postcard exchanges so much easier. Even so, many collectors managed to join postcard clubs and rings to get cards from across the country.

Today, Eastman Kodak's business is challenged by changing technology. Their business park is now leased to a number of tenants as reported by the Democrat-Chronicle.


Christine H. said...

I guess this means that Kodak must have completed a huge cleanup effort to get rid of the chemical contamination in the soil and the groundwater left by the Kodak plant. That's one of the really sad legacies of industry in upstate New York. Not only has their departure left behind depressed economies, but also a huge number of superfund sites.

Aimee Dars said...

It's so true, and I didn't even think to research that for the entry. I'll have to revisit this topic.

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