Friday, December 3, 2010

I Think We Will Like Ardmore Too

Ardmore Main Street

Postmarked 12 February 1935
Ardmore, Oklahoma

2/10 / arrived yesterday after a very nice trip. Nicely located at Hotel Mulkey. Plan to be here about ten days or so. Enjoyed all of Tenn. Ark. and Dallas very much. I think we will like Ardmore too. Business seems to be much better everywhere we went - of course, Gov. spending $$$$ for the South. We are losing out in VT. Walter and I start our labors in the A.M. Love, Harry
Of course I love this postcard because it's a vintage view of my hometown, but I am fascinated by the message and its allusions to the Great Depression and the government's response. I wonder what Harry and Walter were doing in the South!

The same view today:

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Another vintage postcard of main street is in an entry from October 1.

Thanks to Beth at The Best Hearts are Crunchy for hosting Postcard Friendship Friday!


Lyneen said...

WOW the then and now pics are almost the same. Love the messages on these old postcards. TFS
Happy PFF!

MrCachet said...

Nothing's changed but the automobiles! And I'll bet that they weren't carpetbaggers. ;o)

Christine H. said...

It's so rare to have U.S. views like this that haven't changed dramatically. Wonderful!

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