Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Hills Aren't Hills but Mountains

Hills Not Hills

Postmarked 28 December 1950
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Hi Mibs! / I wish you could be here in Pittsburgh with me. This morning the temperature was 2 below and was it cold! The hills out here aren't hills but mountains! Notice the small hills on the front of the card? some are like this ∩ only real high! Be seeing you soon. / Love, "Margie" V.
About Jones and Laughlin Steel (from the University of Pittsburgh Library):
The Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation was one of the largest iron and steel manufacturers in the United States during the late nineteenth to mid-twentieth centuries. Jones and Laughlin grew out of the American Iron Works, founded by John and Bernard Lauth in September 1853. Benjamin F. Jones later bought one-quarter controlling interest in the firm. In 1861, the Lauths sold off their shares to Jones. James Laughlin, who owned a rolling mill across the river in Hazelwood, bought into the company, and it was renamed Jones & Laughlin Steel Company. The company expanded its production capacity in 1909 with a new plant in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, twenty-six miles down the Ohio River from Pittsburgh. The company remained independent until 1974 it merged with Ling-Temco-Vought (LTV). All production facilities were closed by 1989.

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