Friday, December 31, 2010

Boldog Új Évet

New Year's (Hungary)

Postmarked 31 December 1935
Budapest, Hungary

The interweb tells me that kivannak provides formality in a greeting, so that the "Happy New Year" of boldog új évet becomes more akin to "I wish you a happy New Year." Rakospalataral, if I am reading it correctly, means castle, but I can't decipher the remainder of the message.


Debs said...

What a gorgeous card...and I love the post mark too! Happy New Year!

Christine H. said...

A Hungarian card - it doesn't get much better than that. Great good luck symbols...pigs in clover. I'm not sure how those poisonous mushrooms ever became a symbol got good luck, but I've seen them on German cards too.

Mad About Pink said...

I collect pigs! That's such an amazing card. I come form your other blog and now following you. I think that the old way of handwriting it's so pretty. It felt more personal and adorned that the modern way!
MAd About Pink

Anonymous said...

"Boldog uj evet kivannak Rakospalotarol"
=Wish you a happy new year from Rakospalota.
That is a neighborhood in Budapest, in district XV.
Beautiful card!

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