Friday, October 22, 2010

My Love for You Will Never Die But It May Fade a Little

Cross of the Penitentes

Postmarked 1948
Santa Cruz, New Mexico

Of course my love for you will never die but it may fade a little if it isn't fed. Will be glad to answer any communication. / Ma.
Sometimes I like vintage postcards for their front, sometimes for their back. This is one where I was much more interested in the message than the subject of the postcard. Is "Ma" a mother? Or a paramour? What led up to this rather harsh message? Did Miss Susan Stott deserve it?

The Hermanos Penitentes were notable for practicing flagellation and conducting mock crucifixions during Holy Week.

New Mexico State Historian Link
University of Arizona Link

Thanks to Beth at The Best Hearts Are Crunchy for hosting Postcard Friendship Friday.


Snap said...

Interesting card front and back. Another mystery to be solved ... Ma and Susan ... did they finally communicate? !!!!! Fun post. I lived in NM for many years and know of the Penitentes. Happy PFF

Sheila said...

That's sort of thing my parents used to say to me - definitely a mother hoping for a letter. :)

Clytie said...

Oh wow. I would also have bought it - just for the BACK of the card! I wonder about Ma and Susan ... although could it be that the sender was Max with the X rubbed off the card? Either way - the sentiment is hysterical!!!

Coffeedoff said...

Wow that is an interesting message. I'd love to find an intersting one.

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