Thursday, October 28, 2010

Have Been Having a Time with My Head

Syracuse - Typewriter Co

Postmarked 19 August(?) 1909
New York

Back: My dear mamma - I started to embroider you a Dutch collar with pale blue but got to thinking you might rather have an all white one. Think it over and have Anna tell me when she write will you. How is dear papa? 
Front: How is grandma and Aunt S.? Had a big time in Syracuse. Did you get my letter? I mailed it Tues. I recd your postal this morn. Have been having a time with my head.
The building depicted in this postcard was built in 1903.

Smith-Corona History at


icreate said...

I like the color tones in the postcard. It's seems different than most. A message on the back is always a plus.

Christine H. said...

Maybe I should know what a Dutch collar is, but I don't. I love the idea that the girl is embroidering one for her mother though.

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