Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Don't Think I'm Being Extravagant

UC Bookstore

Postmarked 22 July 1909
Chicago, IL

Say Dad I'm certainly having a dandy time. This the place I would like 2 go to. Take money to stay here so don't think I'm being extravagant. Write.
It takes money then and now! I'm not sure when the Press moved out of this building, but when I was an undergraduate, I worked at the University of Chicago Press, and we were located in the Administration Building (just across the road), and in this building were the bookstore, copy store, and other offices. The bookstore (currently run by Barnes and Noble College Stores) occupies two floors, and there is a coffee shop on the bottom level as well. This picture was taken when I visited Hyde Park in August 2009.

University of Chicago Bookstore

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Christine H. said...

How amusing. Some things really don't change.

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