Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Wish This Was Friday

Wish This Was Friday

Postmarked 2 March 1930
Skowhegan, ME

Dear Lottie it's 40C and I am alone having an Ice Cream In Peter Leakos, Skowhegan Maine this state wish you were here I'd treat Ha Ha
I wonder if it is the cat or the fish wishing for the weekend, or maybe the image and sentiment are totally unrelated! Isn't the back of the postcard lovely? I wish modern postcards were so decorated.

If the sender is correct and the temperature was 40C, she needed ice cream - that's 104 degrees fahrenheit. The only information I can find on Peter Leakos comes from the Maine Historical Society, which indicates that in the late 1920s, he ran a shoe shine parlor. Maybe by 1930, he had changed businesses or maybe it served ice cream, too. Or maybe Peter Leakos just is a place marker.

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Anonymous said...

Peter Leakos had an ice cream and candy parlor/ shoe shine/ hat cleaning shop in one of the busiest corners in Skowhegan in the early 1900's. It was called Paradise Sweets.

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