Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Soldiers' Pranks

Soldier's Pranks

Postmarked 14 April 1909
Marathon, NY

Dear Cousins: We are quite well hope this will find you the same. We have bough us a farm this Spring but don't indend to move on it before Fall. Bert has hired a boy for six months to help him work both places. Hope you and Floyd and all of your "kids" can come to see us when we get moved into our new home. Will's folks have another boy born wk. ago this last Sun. They are getting along fine. Love from Bert and Bessie
There is still a National Guard training center in Sea Girt, New Jersey (more info here). However, neither the recipient nor the sender were from Sea Girt. Corland and Marthan are both in Central New York, about fifteen miles apart.

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Christine H. said...

Great card, truly amusing in a timeless way. I also have some cards sent to and from Cortland and Marathon...must have been the happening places.

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