Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fairmount Park | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sunken Gardens and Lily Pond, Horticulture Hall

POSTCARD: Fairmount Park, Philadelphia

Postmarked 7 August 1957
Philadelphia, PA


Dear Pat: / How are you? I hope you are fine. / Having a wonderful trip. / We made the trip (629 miles). By way of the turnpike. / Boy is it ever hot here. Not like Michigan. / Love, Virginia Hakes / P.S. Will write again soon.
Finding information about Horticulture Hall was more difficult than I imagined. It seems that the original Hall burned down and was replaced by the Horticulture Center. I don't know if the Sunken Gardens and Lily Pond were affected by the fire or if they were simply replaced by other exhibits.

Fairmount Park, Philadelphia


Christine H. said...

It's funny how the records for botanical buildings and gardens are often hard to find. It's as if they just disappear into thin air.

Lyneen said...

Wonderful old card. I love looking up the history of my cards. It is so much fun learning about life of days gone by! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for stopping by.

Snap said...

Love this old linen cards. The colors are so wonderful. Happy PFF!

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