Monday, July 12, 2010

Podgy Pug Pups

POSTCARD: Podgy Pug Pups (1906)

Postmarked 30 May 1908 (?)
Davenport, NY

This is one of my favorite vintage postcards. I love pugs and have my own pug-mix, Walter. It is interesting that the pug puppies in this photo postcard look more like a mix than the purebred pugs of today. Today's full-blood pugs have more of a smushed nose.

Here's a baby picture of Walter and his litter mates who were born after their pregnant mom went into rescue.

Walter Baby Photo


Christine H. said...

Wonderful! I have some old pug postcards too, but they are drawings, not photographs. I wasn't sure they were pugs, because they do look different - just like the ones on your card. I'll post them soon.

auntlizzie04 said...

Where are you getting your vintage postcards?

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